• I have meet Marco and his wife in Montreal. Not only does he have an extraordinary eye for talent - but a true passion for visual art and collectors. Exceptionally personable, he is the "go to guy" should be collecting - or - changing out a piece - for either personal or corporate no matter where you are located.

    J Henry Petersen - Hubbards, Nova Scotia
  • Marco is my only trusted referral for North America. What more could I say?

    Marie-Josée Lacombe Art consultant - Paris, France
  • Marco has something very unusual. He is a professional able to understand you at many levels, and this skill when applied to collecting is very important. I know him for many years now, since I began in the art market. I have learned many things from him and trust his advice as my experience tells me that he is always very right! I also appreciate him very much as an honest, respectful and willing to help person. Nowadays counting on someone like him in private and business matters makes life brighter, easier and with a deeper meaning thanks to his outstanding personality and passion for art. Thanks Marco!

    Marta Lopez Director at Luna Nueva Gallery - Madrid, Spain
  • Professionalism and great knowledge of art. Always available and ready to give a good advice. It's a must and a pleasure to consult him before making an important decision. His opinion worth a lot! Not just a colleague but above all, a friend!

    Pino Modafferi Art adviser - Melburne, Australia
  • I recommend Marco not only for his commitment to art, experience and professionalism, but furthermore for his sensitivity and kindness which enables true relations and long lasting friendship.

    Javier O’Donnell Art Adviser - Madrid, Spain
  • Dear friends, the three paintings by Lutzko I've just received are like a breeze of fresh air. Thanks Geraldine and Marco.

    Angela Mainardi Contemporary art collector - Milan, Italy
  • I am so glad I have been given the chance to post about Marco. I am an art collector since 1984 and in 2011 while visiting Art Basel I have been introduced to an expert and a true gentleman. In the last three years, Marco updated and enriched my collection tremendously by trading art pieces at both art auctions and private sales. I cannot recommend Mr. Rosada highly enough, for his art expertise, acumen and gentlemanship. Thanks Marco also for the many excellent restaurants enjoyed together.

    Benjamin Benowitz Contemporary art collector - Los Angeles

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